Welcome to Levén Labs

Here I will put information about ongoing project, beta code, small snippets and other resources that may be of interest to other people.

All code on this page should be threated as alpha, beta or other pre-release versions and shouldn't be used in production. The purpose is to supply a seed for something more robust or as an educational material used to achieve new knowledge.

Most of the code is written using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET technology (preferable in C#). However some resources may be written in VB.NET, Visual Basic 6, VBScript (VBS), ASP or even Windows Batch (BAT).

Please note: This is my personal project and none of this material should be associated with my current employer in any way.

A word on copyright: All source code published here is free to use in any non-commercial projects, but I reserve my right to at any time change this and make the material my sole property and no longer free for use. All software (binary/compiled) is also free to use but may not be freely redistributed unless you have written permission or else is stated in the specific software's documentation.

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Note: none of these projects is in active development

Small labs, snippets, tools and scripts

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Discontinued projects