Levén Labs / DeLight


Light/home automation software based on TellStick.NET

The first generation have support for Telldus Tellstick and can thus control both Waveman and Nexa devices. Future incarnations may support more devices, controllers and maybe even external inuts aswell as it may have more advanced functionality.


Current/planned features

Proposed future features

System requirements

Intel Pentium 4 or other equivalent x86 based CPU
Windows XP 32-bit* or Windows Vista 32-bit*
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
TellStick.NET library
* TellStick device driver is tested to work with 32-bit operating systems, however the DeLight software may or may not work in 64-bit versions.


Download latest alpha version of DeLight Online
DeLight Online WebServices v0.1.0.0 alpha (compiled for any cpu, release build). 1

Other downloads
Old versions

1. Dependant on TellStick.NET library